How would I wire a humbucker with 3 conducters? Its an old no name pickup I'm just using for now until I get a better one.
Its for a strat, HSS, 1 volume, 2 tones.
3 conductor is just a 4 wire with the coil tap leads as one wire. One wire is hot, one is ground, and one is used to split the coils when grounded. If you play around with it for awhile, you can probably figure it out.
Just off the top of my head, if I remember, on the standard coilsplit diagram, with a 4 conductor humbucker there are two wired soldered together at all times right? Well, the three conductor thing is the same thing, only the company that made it did the extra soldering for you.

So get a pushpull pot and wire it up like you would a normal coilsplit/tap (forget which) with the third wire wired up like the two soldered togeather wires on the normal diagram.

Sorry, if this made no since, it made since to me, but I'm really tired. Its two am here.
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Tell us the colors of the three conductors.

Is one of them a bare silver wire? If so, then you have a two conductor humbucker with no coil split.
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