I did a cover of The Dutch Courage for the acoustic cover contest so its recorded live...and i know its not close to perfect, but I would really like some criticism on it...especially on the vocals because it was a lot harder to sing for me than i originally thought.

c4c if you leave a link.

link is in sig.
It sounds pretty dang good actually.. don't know what I can really critique about it.. it does sound kind of quiet though.. and if you opened up your vocals a little bit i really think it would just make it that much better =) keep playin

I really like this one. Your singing is very good. I'm even more impressed that it was a live take. It didn't sound like you had any problems at all. More than anything, I thought you had improved, since the last time I heard you anyway. I can definitely hear the Hannah Montana influence. Nice guitar playing too. The rhythm parts are very cool. No real complaints or whatever. Great job.

I glanced over your friends list and wandered over to Tegan and Sara. Cool stuff. What album(s) should I get?

Listen to mine?
hahaa thank you!! i'm glad you liked the hannah montana influence. i've been listening to her nonstop!

as for tegan and sara, ahh yes i love them. i actually suggest downloading "the con" because their new stuff is amazing. "so jealous" and "if it was you" are also great though. thanks for the crit, i will check out yours.
ooo, cool. Is this recorded live? It sounds really good for live. I haven't heard the original, but I really like your voice. Guitar work sounds great too. Couldn't find anything wrong with it. Sounds really good. I'm trying to critique something but honestly I can't think of anything.