alright well im thinking of buying a new guitar. right now i have a b.c. rich bronze series warlock. i pretty much just bought it cus i thought it looked cool ive been playin on a Fender Dyna-Touch III Champion 300 amp. so anyways i usually just play metal. so here are a few guitars i was thinkin about buyin so just tell me which one u think would be the best one.




i think u should wiat a little longer, till u get more experience under ur belt. then purchase one
I'd go Jackson, personally. I have played and liked the LTD version of the SG, but it's nothing compared with the real deal. I'd personally save more money, though, too, to get a better guitar. The first few are very cheap, from what I've seen. Not cheap in price but cheap in quality. I haven't ever played the Jackson, however, so can't tell you.
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i quite liked the lit viper, its the best out of the ones there, and the coolest paint job. mls suck - dont buy them. the king v is the best for feel and weight, but u cant play sitting down in them - improssible - and believe me ive tried. so get u off the start with ann affordable guitar - get the ltd viper.