Hey guys um I have a problem.

Ok, you see, My Mom is from an Irish Catholic background and she herself is Catholic and so she expects me to go to Confirmation.....but recently I have become an Agnostic because it what seems morally and reasonably right to me. But I would do it to make her happy but she told me that now the Catholic church says that you have to go to 2 years of like After school Bible classes(here we call it CCD) so now that just plain pisses me off....but Im wondering if she just said that so I would get back to Catholicism....Do you really have to go to 2 years of school for Confirmation now???
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ahh yes irish catholic welcome to my life even though i am catholic just do it for ur mom itll make her happy and she'll go easy on u wen ur wanting to do **** she doesnt like.
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he's not jewish

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on topic: sucks for you
I wouldnt do it if you feel you shouldn't. And you don't "have" to do anything.
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