so...my biggest goal is to learn to shred.....but I'm not all that fast at guitar...and I don't know where to start...suggestions? first good answer gets 70 brownie points! yum....brownies!
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Start everything slow, play with a metronome.

Play things that you find awkward, including chords, ect. Anything to get your hands more flexible.

Work on economy of motion. Try to get the smallest movements possible to accomplish any task. When you remove a finger from a string, move it the MINIMUM distance. It's all about economising and having the flexibility to be anywhere.
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also use a metronome properly and when approaching your target speed try four clicks ahead of that target speed because your hands will for some reason find it way easier than
minimum movement maximum attack, learn scales with the nome, and start learning lots of licks and techniques i.e sweep picking, alternate, and economy and tapping. and for licks stuff like string skipping etc. also start learning shred compisitions, friggin hrd if you ask me. but start with something like van halen to get your hands used to quick stuff than some randy rhoads and than start going into paul gilbert, steve vai and satch
Another tip is to play without distortion at first. Many people hide horrid mistakes behind tons of distortion. Only true shredders can play without distortion. Once you can play relatively well clean, slowly add more distortion. Never use too much because it won't sound good. Just the right amount.
a quote you're gonna hear in this thread:

speed is a byproduct of accuracy

and holy ****, is it true, even if you try to be fast, it takes a LONG ass time, whereas if you slow down and make sure you know the lick inside out, and then slowly speed it up, youll see improvement a lot faster

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^ took the words right outta my mouth. as an example, i realized i had been playing wrong for many years, my playing was a bit sloppy, not really excessively though, just moreso than i wanted it (really who wants sloppy playing?) i went back and started slow just going through scales and skipping around on strings and such. only took me about 6 months to more or less get my hands retrained. am i 100% accurate when going at really high speeds? naw i'm not, but i'm a hell of a lot cleaner than i was before and it took 6 months compared to years (due partly to the fact that i had been used to playing quick for years)

point being, start slow and work your way up. i still go back daily and play things slowly to make sure i'm being as accurate as i can. over time the accuracy builds up and your muscles get used to the movement, make sure to practice all sorts of convoluted changes so when you decide to improv you don't get stuck in one scale (usually the pentatonic) in the same positions you always practice'em in.
Try "Shred Guitar" by Paul Hanson.

It's actually a fairly painless theory book in disguise. But you'll get a lot of licks
and examples of modes played fast and slowed down. He offers almost 0 help
technique-wise in order to play fast, but trying to get those licks up to speed might
help you to realize that there's more to attaining speed than just playing fast.