ive played guitar for a while but ive always had help on changeing srtings but i wana do it myself anyone know where i can find a video on this or some site
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i think theres a lesson in the lessons section, called something basics... that should....kinda...help...
Google is your friend in this instance. So many guides. Changing strings will be very simple dw.
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Send your string through the pin hole
then under the string, over and back under
pull it tight and wind it up with your plastic
string winder.
If it's a Strat, they all wind counter clockwise.
If it's 3 and 3, counter on the top, clockwise on the bottom.
Lock down locking tuners after the under/over/under
thing and pulling tight.
Do this and in tune you will stay.
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once you get your strings in, it really helps if you stretch your strings. roughly rune the strings then stretch them like you would do in a song. do that a few times then roughly tune it. then keep doing it untill it stays in tune. thats what my old guitar teacher taught me and it works good