Hi im pretty new to sweeping and such but i pretty much have the technique sorted except for one thing, how do you mute the strings after you have played them, my left hand technique is good but ive herd you need to mute strings after youe have played them with your right hand, just how do you do this, lol
any help would be great Chears Carl
I think it's the other way, you need to mute the strings with the fretting hand, something about rolling your fingers, but I'm still very far from sweeping so...
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You just do it like you would be palm muting, but it's not really muting when you sweep, it's more to dampen the strings after you play them, you should mute with your fretting hand primarily.
You mute them while lifting your fingers while fretting the next note while rolling your wrist while picking goes down or up.

There is more to it, and there is so much to coordinate, that's why it's difficult.
I'm learning it right now, and as far as I understood, here's how it goes:
When, for example, you're playing this pattern:


You rest your fingers on the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th fret. Then you pick the string and simultaneously hit the 12th fret with your index (I hope I'm being clear :S ) and keep your index just enough for the note to have a sound then release it. At the same time you release you should have picked the next string and hit the 13th fret etc.
If it's confusing, tell me and I'll explain again.