who wants to just screw around and make some nice grungy music i would like a cobain style voice but any will do i also plan on having some alice in chains style solos but extremely simple chord progressions but moving vocals

i need a vocalist (cobain style hopefully) Bassist almost any1 with some experience i am a guitarist

you must be able to record and be able to send through email (Yahoo dosent have a storage meter anymore so sending through yahoo is perfect)

also if you need a cheap recording fix get audacity respond either on the thread or though

Do you have a drummer? I might be able to drum for you if you wanted.
I can play drums, nothing crazy, just a good solid beat to hold the song up. I can also do a bit of vocal work. Nothing lead, just background and growls(which you probably won't want too many of, but hey, if could work.) Unless you mean really early Cobain, back when he totally sucked at singing, which I can do to a tee.

I'm down to do some writing, of lyrics and of music, but not too much. I've gotta save some for my other projects.

One thing though: I suck at being the one to push things forward, so to speak, with these types of online projects. If you send me some recorded ideas and there's a constant(every two or three days at least) communication between us, I'll be fine, but if I don't hear from you in a week and a half, I'll probably lose interest... Just as long as your not shy about giving me a stern push every now and again it should be fine.

My email is wonthefu @ hotmail.com if your interested.
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i don't really have a cobain voice, but i could do some grungy stuff.

will okay so gregs over easy vocals
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Do you have a drummer? I might be able to drum for you if you wanted.

okay then youre the drummer
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do you need a guitarist?

a second guitarist is helpfull but i play lead are you willing to play rythm?? if so then yes youre pretty essential well not completely but if you want to be apart of it
bass player spot still open? since guitars been taking. but a grunge project i just can't miss out. im also starting a metal project online also, but got 3 guitarist wanting in already. hard decision to make. but if anyone interested in doing bass pm me.
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