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Ibanez rg321 + Randall Rg75 G3
16 40%
Ibanez Rg321 + Roland cube 60
9 23%
Ibanez Sz320 + Roland cube 60
14 35%
Voters: 40.
Hi, I want to buy a new guitar and a new amp and I've come to this conclusion.
(I like to play metal and rock/hard rock)

Ibanez Rg321 and a Randall Rg75 G3 (719 euro)

Ibanez Rg321 and a Roland cube 60 (639 euro)

Ibanez sz320 and a roland cube 60 (782 euro)

what should I choose?
its all on preference really, when it comes to the guitars, ibanez rg370dx's are awesome, but i hav one so im probably bias, go play a few different models..whatever looks best and plays best get it..as for amps, go for the randall, no mistake there
320, no contest.
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I've had tube amps for a while now, but never actually had any go down on me
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maybe you're not saying the right things? an amp likes to know you care.

I would probably get the SZ320 if I played more hard rock than metal, and the RG321 vice versa. That's just me personally.

Have you tried out these guitars and amps? They both play completely differently from each other.
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You've made the same thread 3 times by the way...

i say a Jackson and the Randall

Sry I'm just not sure of what I should buy
Its better to have a good amp with a good tone then a Medicore amp with many medicore tones!

What style you into?
Har nånn egentli vorri langt sjøl om bestemt sæ for å bruk t å me gå å vill å gjør sjå mer lik?
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Its better to have a good amp with a good tone then a Medicore amp with many medicore tones!

What style you into?

Metallica, Pantera, Nirvana , Iron maiden , Rage against the machine. That stuff
Any combonation you take is pretty good. I would go for the RG321MH and the Randall, the Randall is a bit better for metal stuff than the Roland.
Nohting but randals and rolands, yeah there're good amps but I refuse to vote because I dislike Ibanez's personally. I ain't trying to start ****, but Im just a jackson/mesa guy. No offense, I reserve my right not to vote.
I don't always post in the threads but when I do its random and pointless because I'm ignorant enough to think you care.
I think i should go for the Rg321 with a randall, and maybe i will change pickups later.
Please vote

Or I'll try to make some more money and buy the sz320 and randall
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