I just got some new equipment and new software so I'm still figuring out how to use it all.. mainly just lookin for some critique... so be tough on me.. lol thanks.. later.. its on my myspace.. be sure to listen to both Be Like That's and let me know which "voice" is better

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quality is pretty good so far, i like how the guitar sounds...it sort of gives it the feel of a full band even if its just guitar. (if that makes sense) i like the tone of your voice, sometimes you were a little flat on the higher notes, but thats not a big deal. i think backup vocals in the chorus would make this sound really awesome. overall great job. i can't really think of anything specifically that would improve this because it sounds good how it is.

crit mine?
Hey guys I uploaded a new version of the song... somewhat revised.. so go check it out and c4c of course
good quality, you've come a long way

i would ease up off of the effects on the guitar though, but thats my only complaint. i've never heard the original, but it sounds good
my music myspace!

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Ok.. I've took some advice I have gotten and recorded a new version.. which versions "voice" is better.. and how can i improve? thanks guys.. the new one is called Be Like That 2
Very Very good, seriously loved it. So much so that i would actually buy an album of the stuff ive heard so far. VERY VERY Good.