hey, my friend is trying to get hold of a john 5 telecaster but cant find any in local stores to try one.

what are your opinions on this guitar, do you think it is good value for a signature
also is the neck quite slim or pretty bulky

haven't played it, but the guitar is a beauty and I think its worth the asking price. If I could, Id buy it in a heartbeat.
I'd assume the neck would be about mediumish since John5 shreds easily on one but he said it was based a lot on his vintage teles feel so I guess the neck might be a bit thick for being considered a fast neck
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that what i was thinking, could anyone let me know how fat the neck is and what it is similar to as this will help thanks
it's incredible, i've been visiting stores and tons of them have received them, not really rare in stores anymore. i live in europe though...