hey trying to get some feedback on my one man band

Hi. My name is Chad Taber and I am from a little town of Cushing Oklahoma and I currently have a little project that I am working on called "Silent fears from ashes" and well not to sound conceded or like all of the other crap ass bands I think it is prettygood so if you could please check out my link and maybe let me know what you think I would relly appreciate it now there is no band just me and my little room full of instruments but that will change when I find some people worth plaing with and let me be the first to tell you there isn't much here in Cushing any way.
Sincerely Chad Taber

I'm impressed by the quality of the recording, except I'm not too fond of the vocals. They sound ok sometimes, maybe they're just sometimes a bit too scream-y for my tastes.
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yeah I know I talk way too much basically bio not very good with words the showcase actually has more songs though cuz myspace sucks yeah I better shut up I am rambling again