How do you guys learn hard solo's..

Do you break it down into bars and then get it to sound right ?
break it down into parts. Try to find a logical pattern in the solo as well. Practice slowly till you've got it memorized, then speed up but use only your memory
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^^what he said.
Turn down the distortion first, so you don't learn the solo with little mistakes.
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Take it bar by bar, separate it into smaller licks and really study them rather than just blasting through. Also study like the rythms and everything. Then when youve learned move your favourite licks from it into another key n pretend they are yourshehe..
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i play it like 40 bpm slower than it originally is... break it up into 3 or 4 segments, and then work on getting it up to speed
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I play it extremely slowly at first alot so I can memorize it...Then i turn on the metronome and go slowly, then build up as i go

I do that too. I also break it into pieces if needed.
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i play it the freelicks way, breaking down each solo into a part, and memorizing it that way.
freelicks.net will help get you started
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Ugh, do NOT go to freelicks .com. Trust me. Make sure its .net when you type it.
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yeah same here, break it down into parts. then get in memory and speed it up by memory. i cant play fast by looking at the tabs all in the memoria!
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Ugh, do NOT go to freelicks .com. Trust me. Make sure its .net when you type it.

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Luckily for me, I don't like around 60% of the solos out there. :p

It depends really. If it's an AC/DC type solo, it's not going to make sense unless it's played up to speed. With that stuff, I'd break it down into bars and keep everything up at the recorded tempo. Examples are Ozzy Osbourne (Randy Rhodes) solos, Van Halen tapping crap, etc.

If it's a Queen solo, it'll still make sense if you play it slowly, as long as you have the correct rhythms. Examples of such are Pink Floyd solos.

hahaha. i personally can't learn solos in little chunks, not at first, for some reason. i need to be able to hear it. so i just listen to the piece over and over again, and slowly stumble through the solo via music or by ear, until i at least figure out the entire piece through. then i go back and slowly work on it bit by bit.