I've been playing guitar for over three years and now I want to get a bass aswell. I want something good but still affordable. Right now I'm playing put of a Line 6 Flextone III, do I need a bass amp or just a bass? I don't know anything about bass and I'm left handed so if anyone could point me towards a good bass for below $500 if its possible to get something good for that much. I looking for versitility can anyone make a suggestion?
I'm no expert at amps, so just wait til some1 else bids in with some info
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You'll need a bass amp. Playing bass through your guitar amp is likely to ruin it. This question is answered in the FAQ.

It really depends on what tone you want and what you like the feel of playing. Just head to your nearest guitar shop and try loads out! You could have a read of this thread though.
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Just go to a shop later this week and try some out.

How hard is it to go and play something so you know what you are buying.
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