I have a Mesa Dual Rectifier head and a Behringer Ultrastack Cabinet. The Behringer produces way too much bass even with the Mesa's Bass EQ turned halfway down. I've played the higher end Marshall cabinets, and they seem to only give me a vintage rock sound. I need a cabinet that doesn't take away from the gain of the amp. I was thinking of the rectifier cabinet but am skeptical about trying it after the Marshall (which are supposedly the ebst cabinets out there) failed to produce enough sound. Any suggestions?
I have a 5150 cab for sale if interested. It sounds pretty sweet. Dont know where you live, shipping would probably be a lot. Let me know.
sowhat, you in the uk?
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If you could just get a classic rock sound from a Dual Recto then you have some problems, metal bands use 1960A's all the time. And asking for a Metal cab probably isn't a good idea if you have too much bass already, because most metal cabs are designed with a lot of low end in mind.
The classic rock sound was on a Marshall DSL100 head and cabinet. I know the DSL heads have a ****load of gain, but through that cabinet all I got was a classic rock sound. I'm skeptical about buying one for the Mesa head and getting the same sound.
well sounds like a n amp problem but as for cabs

Vader cabs are the best for metal that i've tried so far. then teh g flex by genz
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(Rectifier cabs are great too. I play them often at my friend's house. You should not hesitate with Mesa's cabs.)
Woah there buddy...

You played a Marshall through a Marshall cab and you expect your Mesa to sound the same way through the Marshall cab?

First of all...Marshall cabs are far from the best cabs out there....FAR from it.

No matter what you put your Recto through, it will still sound like a Recto (IMO, a muddy pile of ****, but that's another story ). While cabinets do make a big difference, they are more like an expensive attire that a person chooses to wear....the tone underneath is still the same...it is just that each cabinet will reveal, add, or detract from certain things.

That being said, you will NOT be getting solely classic rock tones with a Rectifier through a Marshall cab.

Now...to the more important part....it doesn't really seem like you've read the manual for your rectifier, or know much about it. What are your settings? My guess would be that you are running the modern mode with the gain past 2 o'clock...you already mentioned your bass is OVER 12 o'clock....BIG mistake. I run the bass on my Recto at 9 o'clock, and that is in vintage mode. Still bassy as hell. The Rectifier is a VERY bass heavy amp, and as all the controls interact with each other very uniquely, you really do not want to have your bass that high.

Now, for cabinets.

Had an Avatar 4x12.....didn't like it much...sounded like it had "holes" in the frequencies. Wasn't full to me.
I had a Mesa Standard (oversized) 4x12.....muddy....hated it.
Now I have a Mesa Stiletto (traditional) 4x12 and love it. Great cab...well balanced and very punchy.

A Marshall cab would be similar for cheaper, but the build quality on them is lacking IMO. And I HATE the Celestions 75's.

Hope that helps you a bit!
Yeah that helped. I'll mess around with the EQ and the gain settings. Thanks.
I have a mesa Boogie triple rec. I run a rectifier 4x12 cab with it. Sounds so good. But it is deep. Sometimes I will run a b52 at cab with the boogie cab. Gives me deep lows and great highs.
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I have used my 1960A cab at a bunch of shows (heavy metal shows) and it gets knocked over beer spilled on about every other night, dropped from the bed of my truck when Im hammered and trying to get it home, and its still intact minus the tolex Oh well. I have yet to find and amp/cabinet that has a difference in durability. I guess if I were forced to choose I would say Carvin they make some tough ****.