Is there a way in Audacity to make a track switch from left to right speaker simultaneously? I have version 1.3.3 BETA.
ye its one of the effects i think its wahwah
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You mean like what they do in the begining of Crazy Train? I guess you would have to do it manually, so that means splicing it up into little segments, then taking each segment and choosing left speaker or right speaker, and then fading them a little at either end so that it sounds smooth. Good Luck!
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ye its one of the effects i think its wahwah

oh, please.
you have to do it by copy and pasting the audio you want into two tracks, one panned all the way right, one all the way left, then use the fade in/fade out effects at whatever intervals you want the sound to pan left-right-and back again. It takes a while to do it, though, I hope they make a plug-in for audacity soon that'll do it all for you.
**** that ****. That will take wayyyy too long. I guess ill wait for a feature.

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