Song is called "Tomorrow Is A Brand New Day"

Im a novice when it comes to playing keyboards and just bought a cheap keyboard less than a week ago and have not found a good sound with it yet...all parts of this song were written on guitar then adapted to keyboard.

I like the song however im not sure about the synth sound...it doesnt sound that great to me...sounds like shopping mall music or something to me.

It would be nice if someone who really knew how to play synth could add a track to this because i know then it would sound better.

Any half decent key/syth players out there who want to add a track to this and replace my keys on it would be cool...could be a collaboration project...tempo is 120 4/4 I think.

Any thoughts or crits are very much welcomed.

Song sounds better through headphones.

Tomorrow Is A brand New day
Reminded me of 'The Next Right Move' by Ric Ocasek off Troublizing. The drum part is almost dead on.

I liked it.
It's quite well mixed and put together. Everything sounds tight, nothing's too loud or soft. I didn't like all the "phaser" effects you used; I advise using them much more sparingly, as it gives a much more powerful effect, but as it is, it gave the song a very spacey feel, which was pretty cool. I agree with you about the synth sound, I wasn't too crazy about it. No wrong notes, everything's in time, it sounds great, bud Great job on this one!

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Yeah I tend to use the phaser to much...Ive played guitar for a long time and really avoided using effects except for distortion and chorus and a few other basic pedals however recently ive bought some multiFx processors and i guess im liking the phaser a bit to much...lol

The more I listen to this tune the more i hate the sound of the keyboards in it...i like the keyboard riffs however the keyboard sound itself kind of blows.
I just redid the mix and added the original guitar line and turned down the keyboard in the mix and it sounds a bit better however im still going to redo the little brdige solo part before the lead solo in the middle of the song because a few notes sound kind of off a bit...guess my guitar strings are getting a bit old and need changing.

Nice start - cool vibe to it with the Phaser.
Quite catchy! The solo at the 1:50ish mark is quite nice!

Overall, impressive - it made me wanna listen to the rest of your tunes - Great work!

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Thanks for the crit...the remix I did really helped this song plus adding the original guitar line that plays along with keyboard helped as well...I should of did that from the beginning.
This song has a nice feel to it. It makes me bop my head and tap my feet. Do you have any lyrics for this or is it just an instrumental? I think having vocals could add a lot more to such an awesome song musically. And the solo was sweet! I can always appreciate one of those. Great job on this. And thanks for the crit.

I do have vocals and lyrics written for this song however I cant get them to sound good enough...maybe later on when I learn how to record vocals better I might add them.

thanks for the comments
i dig it. i expected to just hear a lonely keyboard and voice. vocals would be good. the keys are not bad but a little repetative. maybe you've adjusted the sound but to me, they are pretty good. some nice guitar playing as well. cool little solo around 1:45 or so.

it really has a bit of a new wave feel to it.

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