So I've been practicing the Hotel California guitar solo for the past week and I've snapped my high E string (6th string?) twice. Is the string snapping because of me practicing the song a lot? Is it the guitar itself? (I have a Behringer beginner's set guitar that came with an amp) Or do I need to buy the right strings?

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Maybe you've hit it too hard, I got the same problem but it was my B string, so it can happen with any set of strings (I guess), by the way: the small E string (highest E) is 1st string the big E string (lowest E) is the 6th string
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It may be anything,but Hotel California should not be that hard on your strings.I have been playing the same set of strings for about four months and i do things like taps and harmonic bends and things like that.Try getting a little bit heavier gage string set and a lighter gage pick.Also,check that your guitar is tuned properly.Tuning too high is the most common problem with new players and broken strings.Also,try using less of your pick on the string.Choke up on your pick.Not too much though.Make sure you can still alternate pick without doing any kind of mute.That is really all there is.If you still have a problem ask someone to help you out.Go to guitar center or something and ask questions.
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and where's the string breaking?
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The string is breaking around the 9th fret where I do a lot of the bends and stuff.

I think it's either because of the string being too thin or the guitar neck because I have to press twice as hard compared to my friend's guitar to get a clean note.