Now then, I've got a new myspace layout (not the one in my sig...) And I like it aaand the font colour doesn't show up unless you highlight the text. So I've gone through sections that I can change the font colour so that is shows up. E.g. The music section. So sections i can't change like the comments table, the text doesn't show up (becuase of the font colour)
So does anyone know how to change ALL the font? So that I can see my comments without having to highlight the text...
Hope this makes sense
It's all separate coding where the font's concerned, so you'll have to locate all the font code in the big blocks of code and change them all. Maybe copy into Microsoft Word and hit CTRL + H to replace them all at once. Though that may bugger it up, I dunno ^_^
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Go on a website and find a font you like, then get the code for it and replace all existing font code with the new one.
in about me put:

<style type="text/css">

table, tr, td, li, p, div { font-family:whatever font you want; color:whatever color you want; font-size:whatever font size you want; }


(obviously change my red text to values you want)
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