so im a bit of a noob and i hear that tube amps generally have a much better tone then solid state ones. and i now have £200-£300 to spend on a new amp. the only problem is i will not be able to play my amp cranked at my uni house next year. so my question to you guys is what will sound better at lower volumes?

aaaannnd im heading a bit out of my way to a large store to buy said amp soon so are there any obvious reccomendations for what i must avoid/try when im there. i play a lot of different genres blues, classic rock, indie basically anything but the harder metal really.
Look for a Laney VC15. That may be in your budget?

It's not that tubes sound bad at low volumes, they just sound better at high volumes.
laney would be good.

and again, tubes sound good at low volumes, just better as you turn them up.
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They'll still sound good at lower volumes, they'll just shine at high volumes.

Just buy a low wattage amp.
I've got a Blues Jr, and I'm gonna buy a Champ 600 for when I go to uni this year.
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when people say tubes sound great at higher volumes, it leads people on to think they sound "bed" at lower volumes and this just isn't the case, especially if you have an OD pedal to push it more at lower volumes. If its clean you want then your fine anyway. I use tube amps ranging from 5-105w at beroom levels all the time and they sound perfectly fine
When you turn them up they get a natural added overdrive

an low volumes they sound good tho. As long as the volume is a little bit up your getting that natural OD
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