100 watt all tube half stack. How is it compared to the peavey valve king? Metal tone wise? How are the cleans?
Every single answer is a 'Better' that has better everything than the valveking. I'm not dissing the valveking, its not that bad of an amp, but the at-100 is a lot better.
i find it funny that you are a member of peavey is amazing club yet you are dissing to valveking lol. anyways the metal tones on the at100 are great and the cleans are alright

edit: hm nevermind tothe dissing part lol
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dude, I was wondering the same about the exact same to amps. But I know which one I would like and which on is better. the B52 At100 would take the valveking easily. I think it's a versitile amp. you can get classic rock tones and maybe metal tones out of it. plus I hear the clean is pretty good
I've spent dozens of hours on the B-52. It's a better amp. It has some fine tones. However, it isn't perfect; it's worth it's price. It's a fine amp, but far from perfect. If you don't have a ton of money, it's about as good as you'll likely get, new.
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Yeah everyone before suggested a used 5150 combo because its the most awesomeest thing ever to be made for metal. But i dont want to buy used and $1000 is my absolute max on money.
Better than an MG, loads. It's also probably the best in it's price range, when you're buying new. Versatile too. Queensryche uses them now.
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you really do get what you paid for with the at-100. it's a good amp, outclasses the valveking in pretty much every category, but it's nothing spectacular. more versatile than the vk, but it still sounds like a wannabe mesa to me.
I have one, thats all you have to know.
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There is no way a B52 of any kind outclasses the Valveking. I have had both.
The B52 is an awesome amp. I just picked one up after extensively playing it The B52 has awesome cleans and probably even better distortion. It really is the most bang for your buck imo. The amp is also LOUD AS ****, like it's already shaking my house and it's only on 1 volume. I've heard people say things like "they're not built to last" but I dunno, my amp feels pretty damn solid.
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I had a AT100. Not bad and great for the price. But, I always felt like I was missing something to my sound. I sold it and bought a Mesa Boogie Triple Rec. If you are deperate for a amp then get the AT100. If you want true sound and power get a Boogie. There is nothing better.
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The B52 probably sounds a little better for metal, but I have had issues with two of them. I now have a Valveking, which would probably be ok with a speaker upgrade for metal. Need a pedal, though.