Hey, just got my drum software running and wanted to try it out!

Crit for Crit, let me know what you think!

Click here to listen to Jazzy-Lead
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I wouldn't say that was jazzy, but it's very nice. Very, very nice. High-five!
Quote by eggo_boi_15
Arnt the first few things anyone learns on a guitar is

1. Nirvana - smells like teen spirit
2. Prince - Smoke on the water
3. White stripes - seven nation army

^ lol
Pretty cool, even though it wasn't really super jazzy but cool noless

crit mine please?
its called gm jam in my sig
I wouldn't call that jazzy either.
Sounds really cool. The start reminds me of Pink Floyd .
Great playing too.
The only bad thing I can say is that it doesn't seem to go anywhere and that makes the song a bit boring after a while.
But other than that, it was really great. Keep it up!