Just got my setup down to a fine art! (note: selling JEM and Jubilee soon most likely)

Anyway, the engl is a super stunningly bright amp and currently the THD cab (which rules) has G12 centurys which i feel are slightly to bright and based in the mid-high sector

could anyone recommend any "darker" speakers with a full voicing - AND PLEASE, something slightly dif. than just V30s all the time!

Celestion G12T-75 is more ballsy. Or maybe The Eminence Swamp Thang can do you some.

EDIT: By the way, NICE AMP. I want a Fireball, myself. (I'm a minimalist.)
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there are some threads at Harmony Central about which cabs match up best with certain ENGL heads so you should search for those. however, if you think the high-mids are a big too much you could always get one of those mxr eq pedals and just eq out whatyou dont like. its a cheaper method than new speakers so id give it a shot. and +2 on the nice rig
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^thats what i was thinking too, to do a little tap dancing on stage is no probs for me!

i will check the forums - v.good thanks

and thanks about the rig, taken me ages to get together!