I want to learn how to do Hammer Ons I think it is and also like when you see solos being played its like there just pressing the string in and you can play fast notes doing this... but I had looked at tutorials and tryed it but no luck.

I just wanna know do you need a special guitar or can you do this on any guitar? I mean I bought mine as a starter guitar and it was £80 in total so its pretty **** lol.. Its a Benson Fender Copy or something lol..

So can someone please help me to acheive this technique.

you can do it on any guitar... and i really dont know how to explain it, it comes naturally really
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What will I youtube.. apart from learning hammer offs... I mean whats the name of when you press the string in and it plays the note so you can play good solos?
Its called Sweep picking. It's what most people consider to be the hardest technique to learn. I cant do it... i've been playing for about a year. I figure ill get it down in the next 6 months or so though.
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Its called Sweep picking. It's what most people consider to be the hardest technique to learn. I cant do it... i've been playing for about a year. I figure ill get it down in the next 6 months or so though.

I don't think it is y'know...not one thing the TS has said sounds remotely related to sweeping. Having said that, it's kind of hard to figure out what he's on about I haven't got a clue!

TS, can you explain a but more about what it is you want to learn...also, how long have you been playing? It could be that you're hoping to learn a technique that's going to be a bit too advanced for you.
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hammer ons: you pluck the string once, but play multiple notes. you do this by either "hammering" on a higher fret (say a [e---3h5---] means you originally play the 3rd fret, but then, while the string is still vibrating, u press down as fast and hard as you can on the 5th fret) or "pulling" a finger off of a higher fret (a [e---5p3---] means you press down on both the 5th and the 3rd frets, strum the string while holding down on the five and then immediately release the 5th fret finger, only leaving the 3rd fret finger pressed down). in both cases you will hear a transition from either a lower to a higher note, or from a higher to a lower note. this transition is called either a hammer on or a pull off. sometimes you will see something like [e---3h4p0---]. all that means is that you strum once, then press hammer to a 4 and quickly pull off to a 0.

don't expect to get this technique down fast, it takes a lot of practice, especially if you want to do it flawlessly and with a good "flow."

bending: you bend a string with your fret board fingers, either up or down, raising the pitch of the note ur playing. some solos will have tabs with something like this in em [B---13b(15)--]. that means you bend the B string on the 13th fret to sound like the 15th fret. that's also called a full bend. if you see something like [B---13b(15)r---] that means u bend to a 15, but then bend the string back (release the bend).

sweep picking: if you don't know how to hammer on and pull off, it will be a quite a while until you'll be able to sweep pick. this is one of the hardest techniques to learn on guitar, as someone already said up there... i suck at it, suck at it baaad. it basically involves a free transition between playing chords and single notes. you have to stop thinking in terms of which note you play on which string. don't even know how to explain it properly, a bunch of metal bands abuse this to no end. if you stick to playing punk/pop-punk/alt/emo, you'll likely never need this.
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he said hitting just a note and it sounding without picking it, that = tapping. so to the threadstarter, i think it is tapping you are talking about, very fun technique.

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it will come to you man, just gotta practice. yes check youtube on how you do them but dont follow what they do. practice songs you play, and lessons from this site. it will also give you ur style that you play(the genre you like to play)
The tapping part is easy as long as you've got lotsa gain.

Hammer on's take some practice to do it flolwingly.
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