I've been playing guitar for about 22 years but I would like to try to learn to play bass. thing is I play by ear do you think it would be to difficult to learn bass that way?
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Most basslines follow guitar anyway, so you get that you get your bassline
well. i went from guitar to bass too and the two instruments are in the basics very alike, but getting someone who know how to deal with a bass to help you using the right techniques will increase your learning speed.
Bass is the easiest instrument (apart from vocals) to work out by ear. I do a fair bit of tabbing, and most of the songs I know I've learned by ear, and I always find the bass parts easiest to learn. This is mainly because:
- Bass is almost always single notes
- Bass is almost always the lowest frequency in a song and so it can be picked out easily if you listen closely
- There is almost always just one bass in a song, so unlike guitars you wouldn't ever have two bass parts playing simultaneously to distinguish between
- Basslines mostly play the root notes or at least riffs mainly comprised of the root notes (these are the easiest notes to pick out by ear from a song)
- Basses have a smaller range than most other instruments, so the notes you're listening for will usually be within a 2~ octave range, whereas guitar can have about double that range of notes, and piano even more.

There's probably more reasons, and yes, these reasons are generalisations, but I play bass so my points are valid and what I find to be true.
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ok cool so I'm going to have daddy buy me a bass so tell me this whats the difference between slapping and tapping?
22 years and you don't know the difference between slapping and tapping, and you're getting your dad to buy it for you.

I smell a liar or just a moocher

anyways tapping is when you just tap the fret to get a noise (like in eddie van halens eruption) and slapping is when you use your thumb and you slap the string right at the end of the neck
no its true daddy will buy me the bass and I have a good job so I can pay my own way we're just cool like that!!! I love my baby!! Hey thanks for the info unfortunately it may be a while before I get the guitar because he is in Denver for awhile so I will probably be asking the same stupid questions soon!!! I hope thats cool because I do know there are not enough bass players in this world>