So, we all know classic 80s Madness. But how about a new album?
I just heard Madness's new single "Sorry". It's so good!
Anyone else heard it? Thoughts?
Ah I will have to look this up.

Madness being the music I was brought up on 'n' all.
I'll have to check it out
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Wait, Madness has a new album?!?
When did this happen?
I don't care what anyone says, "Our House" is one tasty Jam!

I had no idea they had a new album.

I'm looking into this...NOW!
i don't think they have a new album. i think what waterproofpie is saying is that they need a new album.
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Wait, Madness has a new album?!?
When did this happen?

Not that I know of.
But they are still making some singles...so one would believe one is in the making.
Atleast I can hope
They are making a new album, don't know when it wil be released.

Friday they're are near me but I can't go to the concert :-(
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Everyone loves Madness, they just take the mickey so admirably :P

I'd have to check it out if they've got a new album, I hope it's not serious sounding like Lovestruck was

I grew up listening to Madness, from when I was 2 to my mum and dad playing it really loud on an old LP player to me now, a 15 year old punk and ska fanatic (got bored of metal lol) who plays the CD even louder :P
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Just heard the song, and its pretty decent. It sounds very first wave ska.
wait are you talking about the dangermen sessions?

thats their newest album if im not mistaken
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I loved it when Madness would be on The Young Ones. Them and the one time Motorhead was playing in their living room.
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