Well, basically, I went looking around for a new guitar today at some music stores, and a lot of the modern rock guitars tend to have the jumbo frets. And by what I've read so far, the whole principle behind the jumbo frets is pretty neat. They are supposed to make for quicker playing and easier bends, but depending on how you play you can find yourself have pitch problems if you press down to hard or soft.

I'm trying to decide whether I should go with the jumbo frets with the new guitar I get, or possibly aim for some smaller frets, such as medium. What would be the advantages or disadvantages of downsizing the fret size? And just for the record, if this helps any, I generally play hard rock, and I play a lot of rhythm as well as some leads, so whatever I get I want it to be semi-versatile.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated!
i find that the smaller the frets are, the harder it is to play. jumbos are good for vibratos and stuff, but if you press to hard, youll go sharp. it can be weird if youre not used to it, but im sure you can figure it out
jumbo frets are easier to play on but the medium frets feel "nicer" than jumbo to me for some reason. i think its because im not used to jumbo frets
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Yeah. Right now I'm playing a Fender telecaster. It's really my brothers, even though I used it ten times more than him. But I'm getting a new guitar for when he takes his off to college. The telecaster doesn't really seem to fit my style anyway, so I think the new guitar will be pretty good for me. It definitely felt different trying the jumbo frets, but by what I've heard, I think I might get those and just practice a lot on pitch till I'm used to the adjustment. Thanks.
fenders usually have medium frets. The main advantage is that you can push down as hard as you want and it'll stay in tune. Most people say it plays faster, since you can get action lower. One disadvantage is that you're more likely to 'fret out' while bending.
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personally, i'm a fan of medium, which sucks because all the guitars i want come with jumbo. i have a really heavy fingering style, so it's easy for me to play sharp, and i don't bend much anyway. so medium frets suit my style very well.
im a jumbo fret player, ive never had a problem with going sharp myself, but i came from a guitar teacher who early on instilled in me that you only need to touch a string hard enough to make noise, but I find jumbo frets are easy to play, and for me I tend to bend and use alot of vibrato, so they fit my bluesy rock style. I also tend to be able to get a good low actions and great artificial harmonics, ive never had an easy time getting a fender's action to set
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