I was wondering I'm going to get a B-52 AT half stack and I wanted to know if you can just plug it into an outlet in your house or if you have to run it to something then in the outlet. Also I wanted to know how to check the impedance on my cabinet. Thanks.
not really...
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B-52 has an excellent warranty program. The fan and reverb problems existed a year or so ago. Since then they've changed to accutronics and added an extra fan, and changed the cab construction a bit. I hate that everyone just reads one review or post about how it broke down, and pass it on like an STD, when they've never owned the amp.

Jeez, I had one JCM800 that broke down 4 days after I got it, brand new, does that mean marshall makes the worst amps in the universe?
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B52 was putting the wrong fuse in the reverb. That is what was causing all of there problems. Its a great head for the money. But if you want to really invest into your sound get a Mesa Boogie head.
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I had two of them brand new. The first lasted for a couple of months. I got up in the morning and turned it on. It never lit up. Replaced the fuse. No good. Took it back to Guitar Center, they gave me another one. Number two only lasted two weeks. Same problem. This time when I took it back I got a Peavey Valveking. Have had it for a year. Great sound, great price, no problems.
I realize everyone has their horrer stories. Two in a row is probably more than bad luck.
P.S. I've been playing tube amps since 1969, so I know how to treat them.