ok, so my birthday is coming up and i was putting some thought into what i want. I think i might play around with the idea of getting something to produce beats and tracks on my computer, only problem is im not sure what to get, so I was hoping my fellow UG forum.

so my quetions are:
what programs should i look into??
which one do you personally prefer?
which one is the most user-friendly
one that get sthe most bang for its buck and is great for begginers and vets alike
should i get a keyboard

but most of all, which one would you get/have and why??
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its called "fruity loops"
its easy to get around, has LOTS of stuff, its friendly, doesnt require a NASA computer to run

personally, i would download em all =P
i think they have demos of fruity loops somewhere
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I use Cakewalk and can't recommend it highly enough.

it's been around for years - so you can get an older version for a great price that stills cuts the mustard.

Personally, I like to hear a real drummer - so I highly recommend betamonkeymusic.com - where you'll get drum loops featuring all-live drummers...makes all the difference than the usual machine-created drum beats.

You can get a keyboard and go midi with it if you like - personally I just use up to 64 tracks of audio, with the aforementioned drum loops and my playing all bass and guitar parts :-)
What is a scale? How to work out scales.. What chords to use.. What are modes & where to find them.. ALL CAN BE FOUND AT www.robinmay.co.uk

PLUS - free backing tracks!!
thanks, and are there any websites that have tutorials, or a forum like this?
A hopefully, soon to be, good guitarist

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dude you should ask for windows media player, that shiznat is rockin!!!

all seriousness download what you need and get some more guitar gear
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thanks for all the tips, but where can i get a tutorial/walkthrough and ask questions about it like on UG when i need to!!!!
A hopefully, soon to be, good guitarist

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