Don’t Assume Things, Give Me A Chance To Disappoint You

Verse 1:

I don’t know why it hurts so much

When you judge me by the cover like a book

Maybe it is just because of your touch

You throw me out without even a second look

Maybe I should, just let go

You have no idea the pain that I feel

I don’t know what medicine could heal

This pain I try to loose and the day I met... you

Maybe I should take a hint and just forget


I know, you don’t want to be there

I know, that you don’t really care

Cause you said, you don’t need me

Verse 2:

Maybe it is just because I care

Too much for you and you don’t notice how I feel

It pains me that you are so unaware

My hurts protruding faster than I can conceal

So here I go I’ll, let it out

It’s like a game that I just cannot win

A Chinese-finger trap and I just can’t get out

Emotions getting underneath my skin

All I want is to leave and forget about... you


I want to feel your warm embrace

See you, my world, before my face

Be there for just a few more days

But I don’t see it, going my way


All I, want is for you, to care, for me

(fade out)

Whaddya guys think.?
It's my first posted song.....
I think its really good, the only part i would change is the part about the chinease finger trap, i personally think it makes it a bit cheesy but thats just my oppinion
Yes Necrophilia is very bad, but sometimes I have the urge to crack open a cold one
That's pretty good! though you know mine was so much more cheezy. And you said you can't write! HA! loljk