20 yo guitarist looking for a band. Dont smoke, occasionally drink, have equipment and transportation. I live in haverhill MA and go to college in Lowell MA. I'll play w/ anyone 17+ in a variety of styles although I mostly play screamo, hardcore, punk, acoustic, and some funk. I been trying to start/join a band for a while now, theres got to be someone in MA or NH thats serious about playing and I dont care if your still in high school cuz the way I see it the older you get the harder it is to find people who really wanna play as a priority. O I've been playing for 4 yrs.

I also play drums but my set sucks so i only use it to build technique but if anyone has a set and needs a drummer im pretty good at that too.
Gear: Schecter C-1 Classic, Jackson DK2, Hughes and Kettner 20th Anniversary tube, Marshall 15w