This is an odd one... I really like how the solos turned out, but the riffing gets really boring for me... so... whatever. I'd really be grateful for any advice on how to make it more interesting.

This was originally an experiment on how well I could mix the MetalCore Genre with my own version of TecDeath... so... I don't know.

Thanks in advance.
DeathCore - Rage.zip
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it's pretty good, but since the solos are practically impossible by anyone less than a virtuoso, it's kind of unappealing to me. I like riff 1 and 3 alot and think they don't get repetitive. But yea, if you record that and can prove me wrong that it's practically impossible, touche.
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The solos aren't that hard to play, but because of the tempo, they can get rather tricky (not hard, just... tricky). You should try and play one (you have the tab, after all) just to see. I don't post recordings, so, that's a no, no.

Sk8dude8, you can sample that drum line, I don't care... it just won't do you any good unless you copy the guitar/bass rhythm with it... so... It's up to you. Every MetalCore band has a song (or all their songs have a...) section where they just chug chords while the drums mark half-time and follow along with the bass drum... then they'll usually jump back to normal time ... it's not all that special... so yeah... do what you please.
im my opinion those solos are way too fast thats like sweeping 16th at over 240 tbh i doubt you can play those cleanly
Not really a fan of riff 1, needed stronger drums IMO, but the rest was awesome
I don't see what people find so impossible about those sweeps
We just have more sweep experience i guess.
Loving the second solo.
Didn't really like Riff 3 either.
You need like, proper 3/4 drumming here, it just sounds like you done a drum pattern in 4/4 and cut a beat out.

Great job though.
I think in context with the rest of the song, parts of the solo were far too fast. I loved the solos, but it's odd because parts of the solo are pretty slow to medium speed and then it shoots up to ultra-fast. I think the solo speed needs to more consistent throughout...
BucketHead, I realized that I'd forgotten to fix those drums (oops) when you mentioned them. I didn't have too much time on me that day, so, here is the updated version.

Nekryph, I actually like those fast phrasing (not defending), but the reason I tend to draw away from the "consistent" speed in solos is that is sounds too melodic, and not quite aggressive enough.