Just wondering if anyone else on here owns a Cole Clark acoustic.

I own an FL1-A, sounds great and when plugged into even my tiny Fender SP-10, sounds even better.

Incase anybody doesn't know about Cole Clark, it's a company owned by Brad Clark, who used to work for eleven years at Maton, first as factory manager and then as CEO. Under Brad's management Maton's guitar output rose six hundred and fifty percent. He also designed their acoustic pickups.

Basically later Maton screwed him over, so he now designs his own guitars with a new pickup which is absolutely wonderful.

Anybody else here own one?

EDIT: Took some pics of the amazing woods they use to build them

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Yeh, i have an FL1-A also. Looks pretty much the same as yours except for the 2-tone back. (Is that a 2-tone back or just some weird lighting effect cos ive never seen one like that before)
I've only seen a couple with the back like that, not totally normal. But it looks good anyway
Will post some up later, gotta get my camera in order and so on. Going out tonight though. It has a spruce top, queensland maple back and sides. I dunno what the split is though.
Hey Dark Merlin,
What woods are used. That looks like a spruce top tot me...
What about back and sides? do you know what woods they have sued. I will be getting a FL1 sometime soon and I'm not sure about what woods I want to go for in the back and sides. I reckon I'm going for the Bunya top though. I liked the tone better, but most of the models I have played have Bunya back and sides too.
Hey, It is a spruce top. The sides and back are made of Tasmanian Oak (Black Wood). Got a rosewood fret board and a queensland maple neck. Normally the woods aren't used in the FL-1s, they go in the 2s. But thats why I bought it =)
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ta daaaa: A picture of mine.

sorry for the H-scroll rape.

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Those look amazing, bet they sound real good too huh? Love how shiny yet flat the finish is.
I have been thinking about getting one with a cutaway for quite some time but I haven't been able to afford it.
mooshoepork, im lovin that back shot of your guitar. absolutely stunning. im a sucker for 3 piece backs.
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I've heard that these don't sonund as good unplugged and that the big selling point is the pickup system. What do you guys think about the unplugged sound compared to taylors/martins/gibson?

It's hard to get a comparison of cole clark against anything except maton since they're australian.

Beautiful guitars.
I've got a FL2 "bunya" with the mother of pearl fret board....if only my girlfriend could do the things it did....lol i sound sick i noe.
I have a Cole Clark FL1A about 3months old. bunya top, queensland maple back and sides. she sounds and looks beautiful. Sings when you put it through an amp once you have fiddled with the EQ abit to get the sound you want.

Unfortunately im a poor student and need to come up with £500+ for deposits and rent etc in the next month which just aint gonna happen so ive reluctantly decided to put her up for sale. heres a few pics i took when she first arived, if anyones interested il take some better ones without all my crap in the background lol.
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Beautiful Guitars, Im up for a new classical soon so I'll be looking at these closely!
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Very nice guitars, great value for money in Australia.
Im trying to decide between the FL1A and Breedlove AC250/CR

I actually saw a FL3 at Cash Converters the other day! Didn't have a price on it, but im gonna go back soon to check it out.
haha, i looked around cash converters before getting mine but i thought the odds of finding one in there were next to none lol! Snap it up before they realise its actually worth some money lol
i have a FL1AC. did anyone have a loose 3.5mm lead in their guitar? i got one and i dont know where it goes and its driving me mad! just got mine and havnt re-strung to take a good look inside yet. sounds amazing!
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Ah great a Cole Clark thread, this'll save me from having to create my own just to ask some silly questions. So I might soon be going to a guitar shop which stocks Cole Clarks, however I believe they only stock two; a Bunya top Maple back/sides FL2AC and a Bunya top Rosewood back/sides FL3A. Can anybody tell me what the tone differences between the maple back/sides and the blackwood back/sides are? I've heard that maple is brighter while blackwood is warmer, is it more complicated than that or is that true? Also, if I were to buy an FL2AC would it be worth paying the extra and ordering from the factory to get the facebrace system put in?
My other wife is a FL2AC, Spruce top, Queensland Maple back and sides. back looks similar to mooshooporks.
loose cable anyone?
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once i banged a 5 year old chick, i love banging older women.