What are some Firefox Addons that are a must-have? so far I have faster fox, adblock, statusbar, talkback and noscript. are there any other essential ones i should get to increase th speed and performance or something?
Theres one that you can get on the official site, that you can download myspace, youtube, or whatever other videos you want, I forget the exact name, theres plenty of them though.
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Cooliris Previews.

I demand that you get it.

Also, get Answers.
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Well, not must have, but I have one that turns images into ASCII. It's pretty cool. Not useful in the least though.
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Anyone know of an extension which can help me download a JavaScript object? I need it badly.

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StumpleUpon is a tool that takes all of your interests and with the click of a button takes you to a site that would interest you.

Also, VideoDownloader is great for downloading videos off of YouTube, Google Video, Metacafe, etc.
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forecastfox for weather
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besides the one you use, i have forcastfox and foxytunes.

forcastfox puts your local weather in the status bar, and foxytunes lets you control your music player from the status bar.
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FoxyTunes is useful for when you're listening to music, ForecastFox, Download Statusbar, Video Downloader, and StumbleUpon (which can be fun and useful at times).
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I have around 30+ Firefox Add-ons. I have IE7 + IE7Pro and Opera installed, but Firefox remains my browser of choice due to the sheer amount of customization and functionality that you can implement through add-ons. Here is a picture of how my browser looks:

Some of the more notable ones are:

AdBlock Plus
All-in-One Gestures
All-in-One Sidebar
ChromEdit Plus
Gmail Manager
Paste and Go 2
Screen Grab!
Searchload Options
Tab Mix Plus
Tab Scope
Tiny Menu

I am using Opaque + Clear Tabs theme.

Not too difficult to find the links to the add-ons, just Google them.
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