So my friend(Van The Darksyd, you may know him) is interested in investing in a new guitar, he wants something really versatile because he play everything, and he's really cheap, so he's narrowed it down to either a Squire Standard Strat or a Squire fat Strat. What do you guys think?
I'd save for the MIM Fat Strat...

The Fat Strat is more versitile because of the humbucker, so in my opinion it would be best in either case.
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I'd go for the normal strat. you can always go with a hum-canceling position to get that humbucking tone. It sounds better to my ears when you do that, especially because the fender humbuckers on Fat Stats aren't so great. I'd drop a better 'bucker in there if you were to go with the Fat STrat.
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I'd get the HSS, and a new humbucker.
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Quote by Reincaster
I'd get the HSS, and a new humbucker.


....I also agree with woodenbandman.
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I'd get the Affinity series SSS. It's cheaper, and made with better woods.
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SSS. I got the HSS for my first guitar, regretted it. gonna mod to SSS when I get the money.
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HSS, and get it wired up so that the humbucker is split in the 4th position. Never had a Hss so Im not sure if that's normal anyways lol.

I'd look at Ibanez SA series. Cheaper and better than Squire imo.
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