I was wondering about any techniques to clean up my guitar (ex. polishing the body, cleaning fretboard and strings, as well as keeping my trem in good condition) with things I can find at home rather then going out to buy polish and all that. Any tips or ideas?
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A fine, lint-free cloth will do the job nicely, just don't go using something too coarse or you might end up scratching your guitar, as for the strings you might be better off going and buying something, but as long as you give them a wipe down when you're done playing they'll last a bit longer.
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One of the best things I have found that is easy on finishes but gets the strings really clean is Method from Target stores. It is all natural and it has done nothing but good for my Peavey HP Signature. It keeps the strings nice and clean to boot.

My wife just picked up another bottle for me last week. This one is the Method "Go Naked" (yep, thats whats on the bottle) series. Same as my old green Method but without color or perfumes lol. I thought this was funny .