E |-14---10\9---5/14---10\9---5/14---10\9--|-7-9-10---9-----|
B |--x----x\x---x/-x----x\x---x/-x----x\x--|-x-x--x---x-----|
B |----------------------------------------|----------------|

First of all, What heck are these called? and second... How do I play them?
Well first of all I want to ask about the tuning. I've never seen this tuning, so it's rather strange. However, assuming that this is Db standard with drop B I can tell you the following:

What you have tabbed here are octaves. Basically an octave is the same note at a higher pitch. In technical terms these are not chords because they merely contain two notes. But I digress.

I would play them with my index finger on the A string and either my ring finger or pinky on the G string (depending on personal preference. I would them make sure that my index finger was resting against the A string (not holding it down) and therefore muting it.
Its c# isn't it?

I tried doing this... placed my index on the A string my middle on D string[lightly,attempting to mute it] and ring finger on the G string but I keep getting a muted "put put" sound... if anyone can post a video a or pic on how to play octaves all greatly appreciate it... thanks!

Edit: I think I got it I used the lower part of my index to mute the D string.. I think its my distortion thats making these ocatves sound really ****ty
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Its c# isn't it?

Db and C# are the same thing for most intents and purposes.
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