hey guys...

there is this song, and I hear it on the radio all the time.. its like, this ambient jazz song

its got this really cool

saxophone lick, thats played over, and over, and over, and over again

anyone know what I'm talking about?

sorry i cant help, i dont listen to the radio either. they kill music! well the music most stations play is dead before its played anyway...
Go to the Radios website and check the recent played songs and see if you can find it.
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I think I actually know what song you're talking about. Don't know it, though.
I hear "indie" and "punk" bands all the time on my local station. they aren't really great at classifying genres.
On one of my stations, every other song is Icky Thump by the white stripes...i used to like that song
Well, all kinds of songs, but the most 2 frequent songs I hear are :

Wonderwall - Oasis
Down with the Sickness - Disturbed (t3H PWN !)