Dude, I am totally floored. This is just amazing. The guitar playing is phenomenal and the composition is stellar. You seriously sound like Sleep Terror, which is a huge compliment (at least in my book). You should ask Luke Jaeger if you can be his backup guitarist.
it was alright. it doesn't come through very clear, its pretty murky. i can tell you like necrophagist a lot, rofl. not to be a dick, but you could try to do something a little more like yourself.
That was pretty awesome. Listened to the whole song. Cant say one bad thing about your playing - you are definitely good enough to chug and shred with the best of them.

However, one thing I noticed about the song.. It had a predictable pattern that was cool at first, but once I figured it out it made the song somewhat boring. It seemed to just go low chug chug chug high sweep arpeggio and then repeat. This might not have been a problem for me if there were vocals..

But awesome stuff man.

If you would, could you listen to mine? Thanks
if your talking aout the 2nd to the last riff thats how its supposed to be...if your talking about the first parts repeasting in the middle (kind of a verse chorusthing) i was running short on ideas and wanted to get the song done that night.

thanx though