i have a multi effects pedal and im looking to sell it and buy a stomp box set up. im pretty strapped for cash so im probably gonna get behringer pedals, but before i do, can anyone tell me if behringer pedals are any good? or what other brands are good and cheap?
dont buy the pedals brand new, Ebay is the way to go but i was told behringer are good, but go on ebay and finde better pedals cheaper, u wanna look for Electro-harmonix, Boss, a few Ibanez, Dunlop/MXR or u cud have a try and make your own.

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What genre are you wanting to play, or are currently playing?
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i was thinking of doing the same thing, cept i got one of those line 6 spiders. i like it and all, but i want to up grade. ive been looking at boss pedals. DD-20... i really like delay, BF-3 (Flanger), CH-1 (Chorus), and i was looking for a loop station, so the RC-2 made my list.

and just because i really enjoy effects, it wouldnt be complete without a wah. im probably going for a Dunlop Crybaby 535Q.

these good? they suck? anything to complain about?

but the wah is the only thing i plan on buying in the imediate future. i dont really need the others because i havent settled on a new amp yet. i already have the MT-2 Metal Zone distortion. i could be happier with that. its a little too much at times, but otherwise useful.

so whenever the future comes, im gonna need a pedal board to power all these damn things. not to mention how to build the chain going into the amp. so how does that all work? i have almost no idea.
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Keep your multifx for now, build your pedalboard as you get money. You will want the mfx for a backup. Don't go for cheap pedals, go for the ones your guitar heroes use. You'll have to be patient.

Behringer will work for awhile, but it isn't quality gear. I've used a ton of Behringer stuff. It just isn't durable or very high quality. I won't waste money on Behringer any more. I just blew a Behringer EP2500 last week that's only 6 months old on top of other problems with the brand.
id go for a new amp
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Keep your multifx for now, build your pedalboard as you get money.

i agree

i'm in the process right now too...just got another pedal (small clone)

just buy when you get money, make a list in order of which effects you wanna get and get em when you can


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