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I'm sure you are all aware the Vincent745/Scott case and well I pretended to be a Mod and got him to make this... Repentance

Here's the conversation:

Gone And Died (4:04:17 AM): Submit to UG! If you submit we shall end your internet torment
DBXPX (4:04:27 AM): what do u mean submit to ug
Gone And Died (4:04:55 AM): You must submit! Admit to the error of your ways and we shall forgive you
Gone And Died (4:04:58 AM): you must repent!
DBXPX (4:05:44 AM): u mean register at ug?
DBXPX (4:05:48 AM): and post in that threadz?
Gone And Died (4:06:49 AM): No Repentance is not the same as posting in the thread, if you post in the thread it would just look like sympathizers have made an account with your name to stop the flameage, but it will not stop
Gone And Died (4:06:55 AM): you must repent
Gone And Died (4:07:15 AM): Make a Youtube video and I swear any UGer will never bother you again
Gone And Died (4:07:31 AM): I'm a Moderator at UG and I am able to have them banned if necessary
Gone And Died (4:08:45 AM): Will you repent?
DBXPX (4:09:39 AM): wait
DBXPX (4:09:40 AM): repent?
Gone And Died (4:09:43 AM): I see your Hunter666 post
Gone And Died (4:10:00 AM): it is not what we require, you must repent
Gone And Died (4:10:24 AM): Make a video as atonement for your crimes
Gone And Died (4:10:28 AM): and post it
Gone And Died (4:11:26 AM): You shall have no peace until you repent
DBXPX (4:11:55 AM): what do you mean REPENt
Gone And Died (4:12:39 AM): http://www.answers.com/repent&r=67
DBXPX (4:12:58 AM): ok
Gone And Died (4:13:02 AM): You make atonement, admit your wrongdoings and all shall fall into place and you shall have peace
DBXPX (4:13:02 AM): so like prove UG wrong?
Gone And Died (4:13:07 AM): no...
Gone And Died (4:13:14 AM): repentance is the act of atonement
Gone And Died (4:13:22 AM): atonement = apology
DBXPX (4:13:30 AM): what am i apologizing for?
DBXPX (4:13:53 AM): ???
Gone And Died (4:14:53 AM): Ahem, and I quote "
Gone And Died (4:15:25 AM): hat's because UG finally backed off and I finally scared them to the point where they can't even look at my videos anymore. There just a bunch of pussies!"
Gone And Died (4:16:42 AM): we offered constructive critcism for your art, you spammed us, launching the first attack then further more you went to insult us, repent.
DBXPX (4:17:30 AM): ah
DBXPX (4:17:30 AM): i see
DBXPX (4:17:36 AM): but how do i know your a mod?
DBXPX (4:17:40 AM): i need proof first
Gone And Died (4:18:49 AM): how would I be able to prove it? Honestly its my word, but I doubt all the 12 year old kids on UG would do anything if you created an atonement, they'd realize their immaturity and go back to wanking off to older women
Gone And Died (4:20:16 AM): So your choice?
DBXPX (4:21:04 AM): okay
DBXPX (4:21:05 AM): deal
DBXPX (4:21:11 AM): but how will this benefit me?
Gone And Died (4:21:53 AM): You will be free from the constant spamming and the Ureh's show me the video when you finish I'll close the thread on UG and ban the lot of them, but not the ones that stood up for you
Gone And Died (4:22:13 AM): erhh post it, so I can see it this computer has limited downloading capabilities
DBXPX (4:22:41 AM): okay
DBXPX (4:22:43 AM): ill do it
DBXPX (4:22:46 AM): right now, ill do it
DBXPX (4:22:48 AM): but listne
DBXPX (4:22:50 AM): *listen
DBXPX (4:22:52 AM): if i do this...
Gone And Died (4:22:53 AM): Yes
DBXPX (4:23:00 AM): will you continue to keep them back off?
DBXPX (4:23:07 AM): like if they keep re-registering
Gone And Died (4:23:15 AM): Yes it will be a constant vigilance
DBXPX (4:23:16 AM): like i did today with over 50 accounts and spammed UG?
DBXPX (4:23:21 AM): okay
Gone And Died (4:23:34 AM): alert me when it is done
DBXPX (4:23:36 AM): how is this gonna keep them from stopping to do **** o my youtube account once i open up vincent745 back?
Gone And Died (4:24:05 AM): Trust me, once they see they have caused no provcation they will back down
Gone And Died (4:24:28 AM): as well I reccomend that you disable comments anyway and ask for critcism in for form of a post
Gone And Died (4:24:32 AM): erhh message
Gone And Died (4:24:44 AM): it allows to stop most of the spamming in You Tube
Gone And Died (4:26:01 AM): give me the link when you finish, and I will close the thread, make a moderated thread so they can't comment appeace the 12 year olds and you will be out of this whole mess. I got called by my friend who was trolling the pit so I had to get up to put a stop to it and this is the only way
Gone And Died (4:26:15 AM): its 4:26 here I'm sorry if I'm a bit bitchy
DBXPX (4:26:31 AM): no
DBXPX (4:26:35 AM): i completely understand
DBXPX (4:26:41 AM): as long as you do everything you said...
DBXPX (4:26:41 AM): alright
DBXPX (4:26:46 AM): i'm gonna make video now
DBXPX (4:26:46 AM): brb
Gone And Died (4:26:49 AM): k
DBXPX (4:26:55 AM): wait
DBXPX (4:27:02 AM): what should i say in the video?
Gone And Died (4:27:57 AM): Just say you are sorry in essence to the UG community and make it sincere thats is all they really need, embellish if you want. I've seen some of your videos I like your cover of Iron Maiden's TLOTLDR
Gone And Died (4:28:07 AM): you should have no problem you have good speaking skills
DBXPX (4:28:45 AM): okay thanks
DBXPX (4:28:47 AM): ima make now
Gone And Died (4:28:54 AM): alright
Gone And Died (4:32:32 AM): alright hit me up with the link when your done
DBXPX (4:33:54 AM): will do
DBXPX (4:33:58 AM): i pray to god this isnt a trick
DBXPX (4:34:05 AM): cuz this is my only chance
Gone And Died (4:34:06 AM): I'm proud of you it takes a lot of balls to do something like this
Gone And Died (4:34:30 AM): hey man, I wouldn't have gotten up at 4 AM in the middle of OH to not do my job
DBXPX (4:34:40 AM): okay
DBXPX (4:34:42 AM): thank you
Gone And Died (4:34:48 AM): no problem man
DBXPX (4:35:26 AM): okay
DBXPX (4:35:29 AM): the video is uploading to youtube
Gone And Died (4:35:47 AM): do you have a link for quick acess or is under your radius account?
DBXPX (4:36:03 AM): i am uploading to Vincent745 account
DBXPX (4:36:04 AM): ill send link
DBXPX (4:36:06 AM): dont worry
Gone And Died (4:36:12 AM): alright
Gone And Died (4:36:23 AM): sounds good, I'm just a bit tired sorry
DBXPX (4:37:21 AM): its fine
DBXPX (4:37:25 AM): no problem at all
DBXPX (4:37:33 AM): all i am looking forward to is getting this issue resolved
DBXPX (4:37:40 AM): thats my only priority right now
Gone And Died (4:38:32 AM): I'd imagine so
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