can anyone tell me a couple of songs with reasonably easy solos to learn?? im mostly into rock. thanks
U2 - Ground Beneath Her Feet
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AC/DC - Touch Too Much & Highway To Hell
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the solo to Every Rose Has It's Thorn is easy.. it's tuned to E flat if u wanna play along with the song, just try it some time (there is a fast bit but it's not craaazy bad)
the solo in the acoustic version of a certain shade of green by incubus is pretty easy.
californication - rhcp is the first solo i learned but another good recognisable one is hotel california - the eagles
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Absolutely anything by Greenday. Noteably American Idiot and Boulevard of Broken Dreams.
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oasis - live forever
oasis - dont look back in anger
muse - plug in baby
frattelis - ole black and blue eyes

they are all easy peasy
even though this song is somewhat old I remember playing wipe out as a lead...whats good about it is thats its lead and its a song all at once...lol
Fallen Leaves- Billy Talent it's pretty simple since the band doesn't do many solo's but it's fun.

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Angel of Death by Slayer. It's a little bit fast in some areas but keep practicing and you'll get it.
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Angel of Death by Slayer. It's a little bit fast in some areas but keep practicing and you'll get it.

You know that some parts of that solo are in the 20-note-per-second range, right?

First solo I ever learned was the intro to Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd.
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