I need to change my strings and my buddy plays with GHS Progressives the Dave Mustaine Signatures which are 10-52 strings. I really like the sound and was thinking about going from my standard 9's to the 10's. I thinking i prob need to get it "setup" for the 10's but wanted to get some opinions on using 10's good or bad...

i really mostly play metal so that would be my major reason for going to 10-52

thanks in advance
Ye dude go for the 10's , i personnaly think they sound better than 9's . they more tone rich IMHO . and they work better when doing drop tuning etc etc .

Go for gold dewde !
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i use the fender bullet end 10's, they're sex on the fingers, when i play 9's it feels like i'm gonna snap something every time i do a bend.
depends, if you have a floyd rose then changing strings will be a touch difficult. if you have a fixed bridge of some kind then its easy/