I already have a good distortion pedal (IMO) and now I'm looking for a good overdrive pedal for some of the softer stuff I play that the Metal Muff cannot pull off.

So far I've heard good things from:
-Ibanez Tubescreamer (theres three different models which one?)
-English Muff'n (Pricey but it sounds goooood)
-Wylde Overdrive (Is this too heavy to pull off some of the softer sounds?)
-Maxon OD-9 (Also quite expensive...)

Whatcha think?
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you can play great blues with the tubescreamer. TS10 or TS-808

I don't play much blues... I was speaking of more of the more mellow rock stuff
der's no such thing as a ts10 is there?

get the maxon..they built the original tubescreamers or the muff'n...loook at fulltone tooo if you can


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An Ibanez ts808 or ts9 or a Maxon OD808 or OD9 would be good. Fulltone makes some excellent pedals if you can afford them.
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Try the fulltone fulldrive2, it's great for mellow stuff, doesn't have much gain, but you have your distortion for that. if not try the maxon, they make excellent pedals. I heard the muffin' is great too, but I think it's more kind of british sounding, not so mellow like a tubescreamer like circuit (the fulldrive and the maxon), not quite transparent.

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That muff'n is incredible, I loved all of the sound clips that I heard. I'd buy it myself if I didn't just get another guitar....I prefer the Muff'n to any TubeScreamer.
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