i bought my self a lexicon omega to record riffs, chord progresions ect. in an progresion towards recording some demo tracks.

problem is there is quite a bit of noise.
when i run my guitar directly through the omega its sounds find for the most part....but the cubase effects suck and i cant get the sound i want (i want to use my big muff and wah)
when i run through my big muff pi and demon wah im getting quite a bit of fuzz and static....anyone have any tips on how to get rid of this noise
i was thinking of grounding my stuff....but i dont know how or if its possible.
but yeah any tips/suggestions to stop the noise or tips for working with cubase would be greatly appreciated

1967 epiphone LE flying V
25R fender frontman
Ibanez weeping demon WD7
EH Big Muff Pi