I got my electric guitar 2 weeks ago. I had no expirience whatsoever but nevertheless have learnt the following songs:

Smoke on the water
Original prankster
Beat it
James bond theme tune
And parts of other songs

It would be appreciated if anyone could list some decent songs that are easy to play. Thanks!

OH! and yes can somebody please tell me how to get the img in my sig to actually work please?? thanks.
nirvana-come as u r
smells like teen

go to drop c n learn some system- mostly easy stuff if u slow it down!
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highway to hell

doesnt Beat It have tapping?, u just got a guitar and u can already tap, nice
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Some songs by RAMONES are easy to play.
"I believe in Miracles"
"Blitzkrieg Bop"
"Beat on the Brat"