I need a custom channel switcher/ABY pedal constructed. Basically I want to be able to have either amp on 1 at a time or both on at the same time (ABY scenario.) I would also like the option of switching channels on each individual amp, or hitting one button that switches channels on both amps at the same time. I could take apart my pedals and make a new case for most of it, but I still need to come up with a way to switch both amps at the same time.

Does anyone know of any person or company that could possibly put together a project like this?
Maybe Keeley could do it, or do they just mod existing pedals? Why not try it yourself?
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Actually, if you asked nicely, someone over in the Gear Building and Customizing forum may build it for you. There are some pretty smart guys over there. It's not gonna be cheap though, but you can expect that from custom-anything.
we over in GB&C could show you how to do it.
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