Ok, ive playing bass for just over 6 months now and wanted to learn a few solos. All suggetsions are welcome....thanks.
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It's Your Fudging Nightmare
Rancid - Maxwell murder (I'm not a fan of punk music, but this bass line is great, and not so difficult)
John Petrucci - Damage control (If you wqant something a little bit harder, try this bass solo, it's just a little tricky)
Beau, oui, comme Bowie
Orion - Metallica
Learn the bass interlude, then learn the solo (at 6 mins 34), you need distortion though
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you should totally try
there's a mini bass solo and it is sweet. the song really concentrates on the bass, its pretty easy to learn.
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The smells like teen spirit solos pretty neat

How exactly is that a bass solo?...And even for the guitar solo: No , bad UGer.
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