I've started to learn some lead guitar and I was wondering what songs have some good licks in that would help practice a variety of stuff from hammer ons, pulloffs to vibrato, bends and slides?

I would prefer them to be actual songs so that I have something to "aim" for if you get me?

Lol thanks dude.

Anybody else? FYI I like bands such as Blur, saves the day, say anything, tenacious d, etc... pretty mixed bag of rock music TBH.

I am just playing slides for the first time tonight and my finger hurting like a bitch. That doesn't help you but hey!
ive been practicing with my scales, just kind of improvising, but its **** when you're slow and have no real "goal" to aim for, you know? It's be cool to have a song that i want to play but need to practice over and over again until I get fast enough.

It's help my speed and strength and make me feel like I accomplished something, heh.
"Epic" by Faith No More has a solo in it that has only really one challenging part, at the end there's a repeated blues lick that is mostly Legato (hammer ons etc), and the earlier part is good and slow so you can get some awesome vibrato going on the notes.
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Most solos have these techniques in them. I would recommend looking at some Guns n roses stuff or anything with Slash, every solo has bends, slides, vibrato and especially hammer-ons and pull offs.
learn the a minor pentatonic scale and do this exercise for pull offs


this is the one i been doing like a mad man it has helped alot because it helps you practice doing pull off while changing strings and also doing pull offs to open string in my opinion is one of the hardest thing to do it kept messing me up
if you wanan try songs with hammerons and pull offs try some sublime stuff i learned what i got and santeria and it helped alot for me or scales i guess
Buy guitar mags.

Most have a section on licks you can learn from famous people. I do that every month and because I practice enough they seem to get easier with each issue.
try the first two solos from One by Metallica if you want something clean and easier, but the distorted one at the end is a little tricky, but has a simple tapping part that you might like if you need to work on that too.
Not even got to tapping yet Gooze, but I'll definately try "One" by Metallica and some Sublime stuff.

Actually learned the Major Pentatonic scale at my last lesson Stefan, so I guess I'm at least heading in the right direction. Thanks man. I've been using that scale to practice all my hammers, pulls, vibratos, slides and bends pretty much for the last 4 days.

Thanks for the help guys. I'll buy a magazine tonight :-D