You know the rules. Analyse the user's dream above you, whether you do it by the dream dictionary at www.dreammoods.com, by your own personal opinion, or both. After you've analysed the user's dream above you, post one of yours, and the user below you will analyse this. Let's try to keep this going for a while, as we all have weird dreams every onc in a while.

I'll start:

I dreamed last night that I was still best friends with my old friend, and that her family was part of the mafia. I was dressed in rock & roll themed clothes from head to toe. I went over to their house and her dad was like 100 years old (grey hair, even grey eyes) and kept glaring at me. Their house seemed like it was sort of big, but all their rooms were tiny. The time I spent there passed really quickly, and when my mother came to pick me up, she started becoming friends with my old friend. so I started running towards a randomly placed chain-link fence and automatically knew strange circus-like aerobics. I jumped on the fence and started doing flips over and around it, and I was grinning and laughing. I was having so much fun, cause I felt free. But the more fun I had and the more flips and stuff I did in the air while holding onto the chain-link fence, the more loose it got and finally from all that stuff I was doing, I pulled it out of the ground. The fence disappeared and I landed perfectly on the grass, laughing, but I looked down and my knee was bleeding. Once I noticed that, the other knee started to bleed. I looked up and everyone was staring at me. No one understood how much fun I had doing what I did and my old friend's family hated me even more. They didn't make me pay for anything but it was subtle that I wasn't allowed to hang out with her anymore. I felt 1/2 embarassed and 1/2 liberated. Analyse this for me.
I have frequent zombie apocalypse dreams...

wat do dey meeeeeeen?
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I have frequent zombie apocalypse dreams...

wat do dey meeeeeeen?

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I was with a vampire, and we had to travel to a city in the desert. We were getting quite close to the city when there was the slow crescendo of hundreds of hooves on the sand. we hid under a bridge, and watched through the planks as the riders of rohan pounded above our heads. After we had recouperated, we ventured out from the bridge and to the town.

The vampire explained to me that we had to battle the town, us two versus the might of the riders of rohan. I was shocked, to say the least. The cheiftan came out of his hut to speak to us, and he said that, as we would obviously lose the battle, we could prepare for war in the city.

We entered the city, in search of weapons, but the cheiftan had been very thorough in his scour, and had removed all of the weapons from the huts. red faced and tired, we sat down, clutching our baguettes, should a rider attempt an early attack. We searched a nearby fridge, and I happened across a small wedge of arctic cheese. I was unsure as to the nature of this cheese, and consulted the vampire. she told me that it was a delicacy; a cheese made from the milk of arctic penguins.

I then woke up.
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You like your friend, but you feel that you or your friend is being manipulated by her family. Maybe they are the reason you're not friends anymore? You dislike parental control, you don't like them interfering and socialising with your friends and you are dress in rock and roll themed clothes because you want to be rebellious. You feel like there's more to your friend and her family than meets the eye. or you could be seeing that a problem you have with her isn't as big as it appears.
You felt happy but you may be trying to compensate for a lack of happiness in your life, you appear to be going out of your way to help someone of do something and you need to tackle your problems in a more forward approach. You have more to do than you can handle, you are feeling emotional and are not receiving very much support.

Woah. You need to cheer up. Looked up the keywords mafia, cartwheel/backflip and knee.

I once dreamt I had a perception filter and was trying to sneak in somewhere, but I was being chased by stone angels that only moveed when you couldn't see them. I escaped by skiing down a very narrow and enclosed slope....
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I sometimes dream about having sex with my ex-girlfriend, I think I really miss sex
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I onece dumped a girl that I was seeing who already had a boyfriend... So anyway she put on like a stone and i dumped her telling her it was because i felt really guilty etc etc.

But really it's cos she got fat!

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I have frequent zombie apocalypse dreams...

wat do dey meeeeeeen?

You watch too many zombie movies... Or not enough.
I have oddly really vauge dreams of me doing something, its like im dreaming of everyday life, then after a coupe of days, that exact event that i dreamed about will happen...idk i thnk some one is gnikcuf with me
This statement is false.
its called dejavu, and i have it all the time, i love it, i changed me getting into trouble with something i said because of it.

the last dream i had involved me hugging my ex gf alot, and when i woke up, i had my arms fully wrapped around me, like, hugging myself ¬_¬
i know it basically means i am not over her...

I also had a dream where i was playing Master of puppets, with my business studies teacher doing the vocals, and then the entire crowd turned into zombies, like the Going under vid for Evanesance, and then i had to save the world...

yeh, i'm messed up
you think that our business teacher is a closet metal head and you fear the past coming back to get you

i dreamed i was driving past my ex and she was waving but i couldnt stop cos there was a giant packet of fruit pastiles after me

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I have oddly really vauge dreams of me doing something, its like im dreaming of everyday life, then after a coupe of days, that exact event that i dreamed about will happen...idk i thnk some one is gnikcuf with me

HOLY CRAP, same thing happens to me all the time.

Also, I had a dream that I went to Scotland and met the Young brothers from AC/DC, and they made burgers in a cookoff.
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